The Explorer’s Guide to Edinburgh

Location:Great Britain; The United KingdomPopulation:482,005 (2020 est)People:92% White British (1 in 7 born in England)Largest Minority Group:Chinese NationalsCurrency:Pound SterlingReligion:Non-Affiliation/Atheist (60%), Church of Scotland/Roman Catholicism (33%), Other (7%) The City of Scots The City of Edinburgh is one of the top places to visit in the North Atlantic for the cultural traveller. Edinburgh is the Capital … Continue reading The Explorer’s Guide to Edinburgh

Exploring The English Language; The Lingua Franca

In the early twenty-first century, it goes without saying that the English language holds the title of Lingua Franca on Planet Earth. It is the language of international diplomacy, business, science and broader culture. Lingua Franca, is a latin term that more or less means, global language. It first came into use during the era … Continue reading Exploring The English Language; The Lingua Franca

Brexit, An American’s Perspective

"Yea...Brexit. Sorry about that..." Lara said to me quickly, quietly and in a tone ripe with annoyance. We were walking through the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, discussing art, history and traveling, when the very sensitive topic that is all the noise surrounding her home country, was brought to light and was then subsequently dropped, … Continue reading Brexit, An American’s Perspective