Hello, welcome to Musings of An Explorer, my name is Bryce and I am a freelance writer, traveller, explorer and life enthusiast.


A graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, I received my first research grant from the explorers club to study Theravada Buddhism in the Fall of 2017. I thought going on my own expedition would help satisfy my travel itch that I have had for so many years but it only served to ignite my explorer’s heart even more. Exploration is such a broad term but for me it encompasses the very essence of what life is all about.. Always staying curious and asking questions but more importantly, discovery by direct experience.  I am an explorer at heart, and have created this website/blog to talk about all the things in the realm wonder and discovery. Travel/Exploration, science, astrophysics, personal development as well as paranormal phenomena are all on the table. It will also serve to help those who are looking for inspiration and guidance in the midst of hardship. We should all try to live more with an explorers heart in which having courage in what ever we are up against is crucial. I hope to make a platform for explorers of all backgrounds, to share their stories of discovery, awe and wonder. I hope to facilitate intelligent conversations and expand the horizon of those with opens minds. Perhaps help in the changing of a paradigm or two 😉

Interested in writing for MusingsofanExplorer? Or have questions or comments for me?  Shoot me an email at bryce_sellers@outlook.com




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