Explorer’s Guide to Ireland

Republic of Ireland at a Glance Population:4,937,786 (2020 estimate)Population Growth Rate:1.13%Currency:EuroOfficial Language(s):Gaelic and EnglishCapital:Dublin (pop. 1,024,027 est)Second Largest City:Cork (190,384)Adult male Average Age:36.6Adult Female Average Age:37.1Religion:84% Roman CatholicGovernment:Parliamentary DemocracyHead of State (President)Michael D. Higgins (2022) Summary Long before the Vikings discovered the Americas, Ireland was thought to be the last land before the end of … Continue reading Explorer’s Guide to Ireland

The Draw of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington

In this day and age, it seems alot of climbers neglect the eastern United States when planning climbs and expeditions. With no mountain breaking 7000 ft, perhaps it is understandable for the naive novice to pass over Appalachia and head to Colorado, Utah or Wyoming for some solid rock, ice and mountaineering excursions. Though natives … Continue reading The Draw of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington

Best Books for Anthropologists

Anthropology is the human science. Primarily, it is the study of the diversity in human experience. Culture, language, ritual and history. We are all the same yet different. That is the beauty of anthropology; This acknowledgement and to explore and uncover the mysteries of humanity. In an increasingly globalized world, where people from a variety … Continue reading Best Books for Anthropologists

The Top Places to Visit in South Dakota

South Dakota is not only one of my favorite states, it is one of my favorite places on the planet. Wonderfully desolate and geographically stunning, South Dakota is intriguingly not at the top of most traveler's list of places to explore. This is to great benefit for the Explorer and outdoors inclined traveler, as the … Continue reading The Top Places to Visit in South Dakota

Exploring Early Ireland: St. Patrick And The Celts

“It is not those who can inflict the most, but those that can suffer the most who will conquer.” – Terrence MacSwiney (IRA Hunger Striker) Thousands of years before the Irish War of Independence and the Government of Ireland Act, Ireland existed as a land that knew nothing of Protestantism or Catholics. There was no … Continue reading Exploring Early Ireland: St. Patrick And The Celts

Ten Interesting Facts About The Euro €

The Euro is an intriguing currency and is the world's second largest reserve currency behind the $US Dollar. It is a clear sign of European Identity and has made it easier, cheaper and safer for businesses to buy and sell within the euro area and to trade with the rest of the world. Beyond a … Continue reading Ten Interesting Facts About The Euro €

Yunnan Dreams, Part 2: Dali

"Why the hell did I eat that?” I thought aloud, while my stomach vibrated and my elbows laid squeezed between the arms of fellow passengers on a train from Lijiang to Dali. I kept my legs and feet hunched under the seat as there was no leg room in this extremely crowded and cramped train … Continue reading Yunnan Dreams, Part 2: Dali

Analyzing Russia’s Ruble

These are dark days for the native currency of the Russian Federation (RUB). With Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine and retaliatory sanctions employed by nations across the world, the ruble has lost over 40% of its value. The US and its allies have banned Russian oil imports, revoked the country's favored trade status and cut … Continue reading Analyzing Russia’s Ruble