Gamla Stan

Snap from Swedish Archipelago (July 2010) The following is an Excerpt From My Book "Stranger In The Village of The Spiritual" “Shit that was close!” I yelled after almost barreling into a car head on and nearly killing Lydia and I. Oh my god, why did I let you drive?” Lydia yelled in my ear … Continue reading Gamla Stan

Meandering Through Lijiang

I arrived in Lijiang with fatigue and an upset stomach. After spending the previous week, battling a horrendous stomach that probably came about from consuming unfiltered water, I was still a bit queezy and sleep deprived. The Outskirts of Lijiang I stepped off the crowded bus onto the streets of the prolific Yunnan city and … Continue reading Meandering Through Lijiang

The 8 Essentials For Adventuring Ireland and Visa Information

Killarney National Park- Kerry There are a few things that you will need to make the most of your adventures in the Emerald Isle and a few other things to consider packing if you want to go all out on your expedition. Some of these things are quite obvious and even the most novice of … Continue reading The 8 Essentials For Adventuring Ireland and Visa Information

The Explorer’s Guide to Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh is one of the top places to visit in the North Atlantic for the cultural traveller. Edinburgh is the Capital of Scotland, seat of the Scottish parliament and a city of residence for the British Monarch. Exploring history is one of the primary draws of Edinburgh but there are also a … Continue reading The Explorer’s Guide to Edinburgh

Padraig Pearse and The Fanatic’s Heart

“There are many things more horrible than bloodshed, and slavery is one of them”- Padraig Pearse (South Dublin Library collection) What would it take for a man to sacrifice his life for a cause that might not survive? To strike against an occupying power who has crushed all resistance time and time again? How … Continue reading Padraig Pearse and The Fanatic’s Heart

Explore Connemara in Connacht

View from Clonbur, County Mayo The Cultural region of Connemara in the province of Connacht in Western Ireland, is a must visit location for the cultural traveller and outdoorsman. In Gaelic, Connemara means ‘Inlets of the sea.’ The prolific Irish Poet Oscar Wilde, described Connemara as a ‘savage beauty.’ There is something indeed wild and … Continue reading Explore Connemara in Connacht

County Kerry; Ireland’s Outdoor Paradise

Ireland is much more well known for its Guinness and global cultural influence than it is for its outdoor scene. Sure, most everyone is familiar with its rolling green countryside that’s full of ancient castles and stone walls, but adventure? Most adrenaline junkies, mountaineers and hikers look elsewhere to get their fix. This is a … Continue reading County Kerry; Ireland’s Outdoor Paradise

Yunnan Province; ‘South of The Clouds’

Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China is a province steeped in a rich history, as well as myth and legend. Among the Han Chinese, Yunnan has a reputation of being a wild, untamed region full of 'uncivilized' tribes. The name Yunnan, has been in use since the thirteenth century when China was under … Continue reading Yunnan Province; ‘South of The Clouds’

The Celtic Tiger and Ireland’s Economic Miracle

Via Forbes In the 1990's The Republic of Ireland experienced something akin to an economic miracle. Dubbed the Celtic Tiger in 1994 by an economist at Morgan Stanley, Ireland in an enormous switch in trends, went from being one of the poorest nations in Europe, to one of the richest (2). While it is important … Continue reading The Celtic Tiger and Ireland’s Economic Miracle

Reflections of William Connors, American Expat and Translator Living in Germany

Translator and Explorer, Bill Connors, has lived a hell of a life. In this personal essay, he reflects on what travel means to him, the trials that he's undergone and insights had, while living a life of adventure. His work can be found at Bill’s shirt translates, “foreign devil” It would be nice to … Continue reading Reflections of William Connors, American Expat and Translator Living in Germany