Stranger In The Village of The Spiritual

"What the hell is the point of this?" I said while hopping out of my car in a black paved parking lot of a rather skuzzy looking apartment complex. I was verbalizing a response to another rush of existential thoughts that had been for a few months now, flooding my mind. It was early November … Continue reading Stranger In The Village of The Spiritual

Exploring “Stranger in The Village of The Sick”

"Time and experience have taught me that everyone, especially cancer patients, can benefit from the world of sorcery." -Paul Stoller, Anthropologist It is well understood that being diagnosed with cancer is a devastating prognosis. However, given the uncomfortable realities associated with the illness, the topic remains for most, something that is out of sight, out … Continue reading Exploring “Stranger in The Village of The Sick”

Yunnan Province; ‘South of The Clouds’

Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China is a province steeped in a rich history, as well as myth and legend. Among the Han Chinese, Yunnan has a reputation of being a wild, untamed region full of 'uncivilized' tribes. The name Yunnan, has been in use since the thirteenth century when China was under … Continue reading Yunnan Province; ‘South of The Clouds’

Michael Crichton’s “Travels”

It is hard for one to fully grasp the story telling capabilities and high level of intellect that the late Michael Crichton possessed. Most well known for his best selling novels Jurassic Park, Rising Sun and The Andromeda Strain, Crichton was also a Harvard trained medical doctor and amateur anthropologist. He brought all of these … Continue reading Michael Crichton’s “Travels”

The Far Reaching Revelations in Sebastian Junger’s, “Tribe”

Readers note: The following is a musing on Sebastian Junger's, "Tribe." I do not cite anything, as it all comes from the book which I invite all to read. I also make some other connections that I invite readers to explore and find out more about. MusingsofanExplorer is not a scientific journal, so I dont … Continue reading The Far Reaching Revelations in Sebastian Junger’s, “Tribe”

Interview with Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko

Recently I had the chance to do an interview with Alex Tsakiris, host of Skeptiko. For those who are not familiar with 'Skeptiko,' is a leading podcast and platform that discusses the science behind consciousness, paranormal and other metaphysical phenomena. Mr. Tsakiris has interviewed a wide variety of prestigious scientists, scholars, experiencers and thinkers. He … Continue reading Interview with Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko