Explore Connemara in Connacht

View from Clonbur, County Mayo The Cultural region of Connemara in the province of Connacht in Western Ireland, is a must visit location for the cultural traveller and outdoorsman. In Gaelic, Connemara means ‘Inlets of the sea.’ The prolific Irish Poet Oscar Wilde, described Connemara as a ‘savage beauty.’ There is something indeed wild and … Continue reading Explore Connemara in Connacht

The Lights of Luang Prabang

Near the top of Phousi Hill in Downtown Luang Prabang At the hostel in Kunming, while laying on a bunk in a cramped dorm room full of Frenchman, I closed my eyes and earnestly tried to catch some rest. When I finally rolled off, I fell into a vivid dream. It was a very Midwestern … Continue reading The Lights of Luang Prabang

A Night Out In Galway

“You'll be back." Jack said. "What makes you say that?" He put his hand on his chest and said, "I know you, same heart." Jack waived goodbye and left O'Connor's Pub in the Salthill neighborhood of Galway. Taking another swig from my second pint of Guinness of the night, I pondered his words, "Same heart...." … Continue reading A Night Out In Galway

Analysis of Sinn Fein’s Victory in The 2020 Irish Election

In what will probably be the top story in Irish politics this year, Sinn Fein, the oldest and most controversial political party in Ireland, scored an enormous upset in the 2020 general election, winning 37 of the 160 seats in the Irish Dail (the Irish house of representatives). The results sent shockwaves across Ireland and … Continue reading Analysis of Sinn Fein’s Victory in The 2020 Irish Election

The Rape of Nanking

Via Amazon For many of us in The West, The Second World War is marked with the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany in the European Theatre of war. The attempted Genocide of European Jews, the massacre of Gipsi's, Slavs, Political dissidents and others, the events that unfolded in Europe during the mid twentieth century, have … Continue reading The Rape of Nanking

Exploring Mesopotamia, The Cradle of Civilization

Mesopotamia is a region centered around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Southwest Asia. It is an area renowned for being the cradle of civilization and an archaeological hotspot. Mesopotamia is accepted historically, as the first place in the world to give birth to complex human society. It is where Humans first successfully transitioned from … Continue reading Exploring Mesopotamia, The Cradle of Civilization

Dublin, Ireland and Globalization

My first time to Dublin was in March of 2009. I was 17 and visiting my sister who was studying abroad in the Irish Capital. It was my first trip to Europe and had no idea what to expect. I was curious on what I would experience but didn't have a whole lot of expectations. … Continue reading Dublin, Ireland and Globalization