The Rape of Nanking

Via Amazon For many of us in The West, The Second World War is marked with the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany in the European Theatre of war. The attempted Genocide of European Jews, the massacre of Gipsi's, Slavs, Political dissidents and others, the events that unfolded in Europe during the mid twentieth century, have … Continue reading The Rape of Nanking

Yunnan Province; ‘South of The Clouds’

Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China is a province steeped in a rich history, as well as myth and legend. Among the Han Chinese, Yunnan has a reputation of being a wild, untamed region full of 'uncivilized' tribes. The name Yunnan, has been in use since the thirteenth century when China was under … Continue reading Yunnan Province; ‘South of The Clouds’

The Rise of The People’s Republic of China

From Lijiang, Yunnan Province It is not possible to discuss global economics or world affairs without including The People's Republic of China. Home to approximately 1.436 billion people, China is a nation to be reckoned with by population alone. It is astounding that even if one billion of its inhabitants were to somehow leave or … Continue reading The Rise of The People’s Republic of China