The Anomaly Of Fairfield, Iowa

  I can remember it like it was yesterday. June 6, 2013. The day I learned Transcendental meditation. I had been desiring to learn the esoteric technique ever since reading about the practice in a college credit, sociology course in High School. Brought to the West by Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a movement was … Continue reading The Anomaly Of Fairfield, Iowa

Expedition Mount Rainier; A Climb To The Top of The PNW

"Mountaineering is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Over and over again"- Lou Whittaker. Over this summer, I took up an opportunity to work at a climbing store and rental shop just outside Mt. Rainier National Park. One of the perks of the job that inspired me to apply, was since the … Continue reading Expedition Mount Rainier; A Climb To The Top of The PNW

An Adventure in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

Mount Washington in New Hampshire's White mountains is known for hosting 'the worlds worst weather,' and despite being in the 'lowly' Appalachian mountains, there isn't a sense of sarcasm or exaggeration in this label. I found out first hand how much this mountain truly packs a punch when I took a long weekend trip out … Continue reading An Adventure in New Hampshire’s White Mountains

Divine Presence in Xishuangbanna

“People see him as a God.” The words hung in the air like the thick, muggy humidity that is typical of the densely forested landscape of southern Xishuangbanna. Sam and I stood there silently staring at a picture of one of the most famous men of the 20th century. It was late afternoon, and the … Continue reading Divine Presence in Xishuangbanna

Reality check-ed in Yunnan

“Not one of my brighter moments.” I kept saying to myself as I roamed the grounds of a Theravada Buddhist temple in downtown Jinghong city. My boiling frustration had turned into embarrassment as any attempt I made to converse with a temple goer or the numerous orange clad robed monks was met with rejection. The … Continue reading Reality check-ed in Yunnan

“Jinn and Adam’s Ribb”

Mythology is the most powerful concept of mankind; our species will flourish or crumble to dust depending on if we comprehend the portal between hell or paradise, for technology removes limits, and without our myths, there is nowhere to make a stand for what it means to be human, in the most important and last challenge our species will face.

Laos, The Gem of Southeast Asia

When it comes to Southeast Asia, the countries that are thought of typically in the minds of travelers, are Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. There is no doubt that these countries are havens for backpackers, flashpackers and gap year kids looking for a little adventure and to chase the sun in a region that is considered … Continue reading Laos, The Gem of Southeast Asia

Exploring Theravada Buddhism in Xishuangbanna China

In fall 2017, I embarked on my first expedition in Yunnan Province China. I received a grant from the Explorers club to conduct an ethnographic study on Theravada Buddhism among the Dai people in Xishuangbanna prefecture. With help from a professor, I applied for the grant while I was in university and studying cultural anthropology. … Continue reading Exploring Theravada Buddhism in Xishuangbanna China