A Night Out In Galway

“You'll be back." Jack said. "What makes you say that?" He put his hand on his chest and said, "I know you, same heart." Jack waived goodbye and left O'Connor's Pub in the Salthill neighborhood of Galway. Taking another swig from my second pint of Guinness of the night, I pondered his words, "Same heart...." … Continue reading A Night Out In Galway

County Kerry; Ireland’s Outdoor Paradise

Ireland is much more well known for its Guinness and global cultural influence than it is for its outdoor scene. Sure, most everyone is familiar with its rolling green countryside that’s full of ancient castles and stone walls, but adventure? Most adrenaline junkies, mountaineers and hikers look elsewhere to get their fix. This is a … Continue reading County Kerry; Ireland’s Outdoor Paradise

Analysis of Sinn Fein’s Victory in The 2020 Irish Election

In what will probably be the top story in Irish politics this year, Sinn Fein, the oldest and most controversial political party in Ireland, scored an enormous upset in the 2020 general election, winning 37 of the 160 seats in the Irish Dail (the Irish house of representatives). The results sent shockwaves across Ireland and … Continue reading Analysis of Sinn Fein’s Victory in The 2020 Irish Election

Exploring The English Language; The Lingua Franca

In the early twenty-first century, it goes without saying that the English language holds the title of Lingua Franca on Planet Earth. It is the language of international diplomacy, business, science and broader culture. Lingua Franca, is a latin term that more or less means, global language. It first came into use during the era … Continue reading Exploring The English Language; The Lingua Franca

Exploring “Stranger in The Village of The Sick”

"Time and experience have taught me that everyone, especially cancer patients, can benefit from the world of sorcery." -Paul Stoller, Anthropologist It is well understood that being diagnosed with cancer is a devastating prognosis. However, given the uncomfortable realities associated with the illness, the topic remains for most, something that is out of sight, out … Continue reading Exploring “Stranger in The Village of The Sick”

The Rape of Nanking

Via Amazon For many of us in The West, The Second World War is marked with the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany in the European Theatre of war. The attempted Genocide of European Jews, the massacre of Gipsi's, Slavs, Political dissidents and others, the events that unfolded in Europe during the mid twentieth century, have … Continue reading The Rape of Nanking

Exploring Mesopotamia, The Cradle of Civilization

Mesopotamia is a region centered around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Southwest Asia. It is an area renowned for being the cradle of civilization and an archaeological hotspot. Mesopotamia is accepted historically, as the first place in the world to give birth to complex human society. It is where Humans first successfully transitioned from … Continue reading Exploring Mesopotamia, The Cradle of Civilization

Yunnan Province; ‘South of The Clouds’

Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China is a province steeped in a rich history, as well as myth and legend. Among the Han Chinese, Yunnan has a reputation of being a wild, untamed region full of 'uncivilized' tribes. The name Yunnan, has been in use since the thirteenth century when China was under … Continue reading Yunnan Province; ‘South of The Clouds’

Germany to Lead EU in Post Brexit World

The United Kingdom is officially set to depart the European Union and with it's departure, leaves a vital role that will need to be filled. While there isn't a defacto leader nation among the EU economic bloc, The UK with it's heavily influential economy, has long acted as a steward in diplomacy, military and other … Continue reading Germany to Lead EU in Post Brexit World