Luang Prabang; Explorer Shot

Luang Prabang in north central Laos is an ancient town resting on the Banks of iconic rivers; The Mekong and Nam Khan.

It is a UNESCO world heritage site and a location where western colonial and traditional Lao Buddhist influences combine to form a truly historic and culturally unique city in Southeast Asia.

French Colonial architecture along with traditional Lao style villages and a plethora of Buddhist temples conglomerate together within a valley surrounded by thick jungle covered mountains.

The mountains are full of exotic plants and animals, as well as various ethnic tribes who have long been committed to their traditional ways of life.

About 30km outside the city, are the majestic Kuang Si waterfalls where the water is truly as clear as any blue lagoon in thailand.

Luang Prabang has served as the capital of the various Lao Kingdoms throughout its deep history and only in 1946, was administration moved to Vientiane, 340km southwest where the seat of the government remains today.


Population: 56,000

Climate: Tropical

Language: Laotian

Government: Lao Peoples Democratic Republic; One Party socialist republic

Ethnic Groups: Lao, Hmong, Khmu, others

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