Courage in the face of Terror

Courage in the face of stomach wrenching fear, is one of the most essential traits that one must harness in traversing challenges and the depths of mind that will naturally arise as one moves forward in life. The journey that is your life may possibly be full of contradictions and things that dont make rational sense and one can start fervently questioning everything when one technique or way of doing something must be abandoned and a new one, adopted. For example, surrender is often toted as the antidote to struggle in every part of ones life or issues on the spiritual path or recovery from a chronic illness or mental health condition, But what does that really mean? Does it mean to stop doing everything and halt all courses of action? In some situations and cases, yes it does. In others how ever, it might mean to surrender the mental and emotional resistance to a predicament and move forward the best one can. But how long does that last and is surrender the appropriate response in every stage and problem that arises in one’s life or on the path? This is what makes life so difficult for humans. We like things to be a certain way, to follow a certain pattern, to be predicatable. That is partly why we westerners are obsessed with science. Figuring out the workings of the world so we can see and harness its predictability, it gives us a sense of mastery and control.

Unfortunetely the human experience of life doesn’t always work that way. Each day that we wake up to, brings complete unpredictability that can potentially hurl new challenges at us that we have never seen or experienced before. Do we surrender to these challenges? Do we stop everything that we’re doing and plead to God to show us the way and give us signs on what to do? There are of course worse courses of action to take but…

What might the best thing to do in such situations when you feel confused, bewildered and terrified is to get up, and put one foot in front of the other. Courage, which might be the oldest lesson in the book, may be the most essential in traversing what ever challenge lies in front of us. No matter how you are feeling you stare fear directly in the face and walk forward. It sucks, you may feel like your holding on to a bare thread but you give yourself to life and accept the reality that sometimes doing nothing is truly,.. doing nothing.

What feels good is not always good and what feels bad is not always bad. If we are to grow and a evolve as people, its probably not going to happen from our perceived comfort zone. As someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety and other ‘bizarre experiences and occurrences that have challenged me in ways that I initially never thought I could surmount, I pronounce courage, as the greatest catalyst for positive change and growth in my life. Adventure and Exploration are my passions in life and despite dealing with conditions that appear counter-intuitive to this lifestyle, I declared that fear had had enough of my life. I must carry on no matter.

Perhaps you must do the same



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